Ram Chandra Series – A tale of ancient India

Both Series

Ancient India had many accomplishments which are not being cherished and celebrated currently. We are not aware of many incidences and achievements in ancient India. Apart from the achievement India also has books and write-ups which teach the right way towards life. The new age kids are not so interested to read or hear about legend stories from Indian history. Amish has made a bold yet beneficial effort with his two series Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra Series. Both the series are not the exact copy of Indian folklore but turned into fiction stories. This gives a reason to know more of what the Ancient Indian books speak about.

Our Ancient tale with a twist

I really like the fact that in both the series Amish have made the core characters as humans made with flesh and blood, not Gods already. The characters do their hard work and studies to succeed. They grow up to become leaders helping their people a new and better way of life, as the book progresses. The book shows, the importance of relationships and what it is to be in love. Another good part of the series is that they are part of series but also independent books. One would not miss any details if earlier releases have not been read, so we can choose the sequence of the book.

The Trilogy has been a huge hit and was able to glue people to the book until the end. Ram Chandra Series is also a well-researched and formulated series. The first book of this series “Scion of Ikshvaku” was released in June 2015. While it took 2 years before the second book “Sita Warrior of Mithila” was published in May 2017. Two more books in the series are expected to be released. A proper road map of the series has been prepared for the readers to understand what to expect next.

The road map of Ram Chandra Series
The road map of Ram Chandra Series- Picture from book- Sita

The Ram Chandra and Sita Story

The thought that Mahadev and Vishnu are not God but a title given to leaders who removed the evil and showed the right way to live, makes the story of the book believable. Both the book’s plot is based on the character story of Ram and his point of views in the first book. The second book has Sita’s life throughout. The part where Sita and Ram met have been articulated very well in both books. The thoughts of are Ram listed beautifully in the first and of Sita in the second book of the Ram Chandra Series.

The story of both books start with the birth of Sita, Ayodhya losing a battle with Ravan. This is a shock for the country as Ravan now has open access to the country. Ram was born on the same ominous day making him bad omen for the country. The books also explain well about the education, struggle, and exile of both the leaders which ended with the abduction of Sita by Ravan. As per the two book the third in the series the book on Ravan would tell the story till now as Ravan’s perspective. The final book might be uniting the three main characters of the series.

My Views

Overall I like the Ram Chandra Series and the simple, well written, deeply researched books by Amish. These books are fictions and prove to be entertainment as well as grounded to our roots to some extends.

A video trailer was launched which surely made me eagerly wait for the books available for me to read.

For more details go through the website.

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