7 Things to to take care when street shopping and Colaba Causeway experience

If you are a fan of Street shopping just like me then, Mumbai has many such places to offer. One such place I recently enjoyed and shopped like crazy was- Colaba Causeway.

Some basic points you must take care while street shopping are as below. Ensure to be vigilant and enjoy


1- Carry a big bag:- this will help to carry all the shopping in one place instead of multiple small packets easy to forget or drop

2- Reach early:- know the opening time of the street shopping place and reach early, it gets crowded during the evening, if possible avoids weekends however weekend evenings are a big NO

3- Take care of your belongings:- do not keep your wallet/purse/ mobile open easy for the robber. Also, it gets so crowded that things can fall off. I love carrying a small backpack in front safe secure and easy to access. Also do not wear precious jewelries when on streets

4- Wear comfortable outfit:- the street shopping will take long hours, hot weather and teeming area can be difficult. Wear clothes and shoes which will keep you calm and be going throughout the day.Choose wisely!

5- No children:- If possible avoid taking kids along, they will get tired and not enjoy the crowd. I am scared that kids might get lost easily in such places

6- BARGAIN:- bargain well, if you are not proficient then take someone who is good at it. A simple calculation can be used which is- half the price they are mentioned and reduce further 20-30%. This should be the amount he would agree but try your luck with lower price

7- Take a call:- After a long persuade if he does not agree to the cost, think whether the price is good for the product, act accordingly.
These are very basic points to take care, these help me street shopping and city or country.


My recent visit to Colaba Causeway has been amazing. This is a very long street which gives too many options for stores. Both street and branded shops can be explored.
The ladies shopping paradise is famous for its variety. Jewelry, bags, clothes (western shirts, pants, and one piece), watches, foot wares, and showpieces, you name, Causeway has it there.

I was super busy shopping and spent good 4 hours. There are many restaurants and cafes; Delhi Dabar, Leopold Cafe, Kailash Parbat and some small places as well for the quick bite.


Shop. Eat. Shop



My car filled with our shopping bags
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