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The new adventure trip that I heard was Island Hopping, the term is very common in the Philippines. The Philippines consists of over ten thousand Islands, clusters of different shapes and sizes. So when we planned to have a family vacation in the country the first thing that came to our path was Island hopping. Island hopping, as the name suggests is hopping from one island to another, via a boat. Any island city you arrive in the Philippines you will find this as a major attraction. Each island you hop in will have its own beauty and specialty. Finally, we selected Boracay as the beach site of our trip. The beaches are so beautiful and the feeling of being closure to nature is one of a kind.

Arrival at Manila and Journey to Boracay

Metropolitan Manila, Metro Manila or Manila is the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines. Quezon City, the country’s most populous city, the Municipality of Pateros, and other 14 set of cities. As per information in Wikipedia, Metro Manila the 2nd most populous region of the country, and is the most densely populated region of the country. The moment you enter the city, you will find this to be true, the first few things that will hit you of the city it its huge buildings- office mostly and also residence, a huge shopping mall at almost every corner of the road, metro track at one side of the road, long flyovers and the most importantly TRAFFIC. I believe the major issue with the city is its traffic. We were told we are traveling during the peak hour hence the traffic but I found the cars stacked with minimal movement most of the hour apart from the peak time. As we moved it was dark and the beauty of the city was to be seen, lighting and big TV banners advertising favorite brands of the country. The shows a picture of fast life.


Finally, we arrived at our hotel after 2 hours of slow drive, gazing beautiful modern architecture and giant malls all throughout our ride. We settled down and slept as we had an early morning flight to Boracay Islands. Super excited we reached the Manila airport for the domestic flight and reached Godofredo P. Ramos Airport or Boracay Island Airport in 2 hours. Our tour from Manila to resort at the Island was pre-booked so we had a minibus waiting for the flight took multiple passengers together and dropped to the nearest port where a water boat took us to white sand beach port. From here we got a ride which took us to our Hotel- La Carmela.


This is a decent hotel with minimal but must facilities. This is actually a beachside resort but few rooms only faced the sea and ours did not which was a little sad part, however, the cute hotel room made us feel cozy. Since we reached a little early, we were able to arrange an Island hopping tour for the rest of the day just outside our Hotel.


The atmosphere and aura of Boracay Islands were completely different from what we had witnessed in Manila. Amazing weather and the feel made us excited for the trip ahead.


The package we selected included 4 Islands, fish feeding and finally, they will leave us at the beachside for water sports at our wish.

The first halt was at Crystal Cove, a private Island converted as the public attraction. It had one-time entry fees and we could hike up to the Island for as much time we wish to. They have created few mini-restaurants inside and the main attraction was the cave with natural crystals on its wall. The area is small and opens in the ocean. So after touching, photographing and enjoying the crystals hills you can simply jump into the sea and enjoy the waves. High tide takes away some part of the caves so one needs to be careful. Overall it’s a new experience in this island which can be enjoyed along with the family.

Welcome to Crystal Cove
Best view from the top

So we moved ahead to next destination as a package that is Crocodile Island. The Island has developed the shape of a crocodile due to erosion, no other attraction the tourist are awed by its perfect resemblance to Crocs. The water around the island is super clear for snorkeling and feeding fishes which were very exciting for my daughter. We had bought bread to feed them before leaving for the ride and used the same bread or bun. When we reached the spot, the weather was getting very windy hence the water had lots of turbulence making the vision of fish difficult. The colorful fish moving all around and we try our best to spot them. This was also one of the best spots for snorkeling as corals and fishes are in abundance. In few minutes the wind got slowed and the water clear enough for us to see the kaleidoscopic view of fishes dancing around the boat.

Crocodile Mountain

We had a stoppage at one of the port near Tabisaan Island, a quiet beachside with cottage restaurants. We didn’t really explore the beach much as we had to hurry for Pukka Shell beach before sunset. My kids enjoyed beachside playing with Sand and water and then we were told that the weather is not suitable and getting worse and we must not proceed to Pukka beach making me super sad. But I was sure to see more beaches and explore its beauty in coming days. We could spend more 15 mins for the weather to slow down and rushed back to the beach we started from.

Rest of the evening we spent in our Hotel and exploring the beach nearby.


The whole trip cost was around 4000 Peso for three adults.

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