Sunrise like never before- Annapurna range

Annapurna Range

Mother Nature and its beauty cannot be compared or created, high mountains, majestic waterfalls, green dense forests, and enchanting weather, never-ending oceans, sunset, the sunrise and list is long. Each of these nature’s wonder makes me go awe and enjoy its existence thanking that I was able to witness the breathtaking sight. One such site I can never get off my eyes is the effect of sunrise over Annapurna range of ‘The Himalayas’ in Nepal. Just imagine a huge Himalayan range in front of you and the sun rays falling on it bit by bit.

It is difficult to imagine the real beauty I am talking about. You need to be there at the very spot to witness the gradual sunrise ahead of the gigantic mountains and rays falling over it slowly.


The trip to Pokhara, Nepal

So on the trip to Nepal, I was most excited about the Himalayan range and to see it up close. When we reached Pokhara to our bad luck the weather was foggy and Himalaya was nowhere to see. My father’s friend who was our Local guide for the trip was very sad, it was his native and he really wanted us to see the beautiful Annapurna range while entering the city which was not the view he expected us to see, he had proudly informed us that we will get to face the best view while we enter the city. Never the less, we reached late in the evening and decided to walk on the street which never sleeps. The big shops and restaurants were closed early evening but the streets store were open for the tourist.


Now comes the real part, we woke up 4 in the morning and left to see the sunrise. I had seen the sun rising from a plateau, mountain, and ocean before so this was not very exciting especially when the wind was super chill and freezing in the dark.



By 4:30 we reached at mountain height and reserved ourselves a seat on the deck of the top little eatery. It was pitch dark and all the tourist were trying to settle down no idea what is coming their way. We could only see the deck from where we were seated and nothing at all. To kill the time we had coffee, tea, and some hot snacks. It was super chill and even our 3 layers of warm clothes didn’t quite help.


The Preparation for Sunrise

As the clock struck 5 we could see more and more people gathering and soon the other eateries on the mountain village was now visible signaling the sun it about to rise. 10 mins later we saw what I say the enchanted rise of the sun.

From our seats, on the left was the huge Annapurna range which due to darkness was not completely visible, while the Annapurna mountain range is magical in itself but the Machapuchare Mountain catches attention with its huge tall peak the name literary means fishtail. As there came slight visibility we could see this dark image standing tall at a distance. Slowly in front of us, the Pokhara city was evident from the top of the mountain from where we were standing and the sun rising behind the city right ahead of us. Soon there was chaos as we could see the sun rising from ahead of us.


Annapurna Range
Panoramic View

The Magnificent Annapurna Range

While the sun was rising and the round shape slowly forming. We observed something happening on the left side where the dark figure of the Himalayan range stood. We were lucky that the weather had cleared by the sunrise time. Our jaws dropped seeing the rays of the sun falling and gradually occupying the gigantic Machapuchare Mountain. It took good 15-20 mins for the rays to capture the Range. The site of initial light was simply worth the effort in the freezing cold air surrounding us.

Annapurna Range
The rays will fall shortly creating a magical view
Annapurna Range
And the Magic just happened


The sun was completely up and we could no more stare at it,. The rays also made the chilling weather a bit bearable. We spend another hour just moving around and went back to the Hotel. The balcony had the Machapuchare Mountain clearly visible. It felt as if I could talk to these gigantic mountains. Taking a cup of hot coffee, the sun shined mountain was the best sight and I stood there for the longest time I remember.


One has to experience the Sunrise here on the Annapurna Range. The pictures cannot do the justice to the experience.


The Sun-rising

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