Nehru Planetarium- Under the Sky in Mumbai

Nehru Planetarium

Growing up in Mumbai there were very few places for a school to take us all for picnic. An amusement park- Essel World (thank God this god started in my early schooling days), A far away gardens (the most famous Hanging garden) and later water parks also got added. Out of these Nehru Planetarium also had its place and we were happy to go as kids. Those days, all I remember is a place where stars came alive and that too in the morning. I could hardly understand the huge machine kept in between the sky theater would project, but just the feel of it was good.

I grew curiosity stuck in and too many questions stuck my head, my father once took me along and explained me what they try to show.

Sky was very fascinating from there, so many mysteries and the sheer capability of human’s to replicate the night was commendable.

Growing up the visit to this place reduced to nil as new places came up in the town. As teen going out with friends had to fun and not sitting in the dark staring in the night life of the sky.

Nehru Planetarium
The outside look of Nehru Planetarium

A new generation- Forgotten memories

I released the forgotten place when my daughter asked me a question on sun and the earth. She is very young to understand the concept of solar system or galaxy but her curiosity made me remember my days with similar questions to my parents. I remembered the fond memories of travelling far to this place and being mesmerized by the sky and the technology.

And hence was the trip to Nehru Planetarium was planned along with hubby dear. We took kids and both our parents just to find the technology has drastically changed since then.

It is much crowded now and hence pre booking of the entry tickets has to be done 2 days prior.

Use: – The website

Nehru Planetarium
The website information

The site is very useful and easy to navigate so once the tickets are bought you are sorted. There are other interesting places which can be explored near planetarium like art gallery, science gallery and museum. Kids and adults will equally enjoy these wings.

Nehru Planetarium
The Galaxy

Under the sky

Just reach Nehru Planetarium 15-20 mins early stand in the queue and follow their instruction. An expert will first take us through the whole process from solar systems to galaxies. A very informative session for kids and adults who are not very well versed with the astronomy.

There are also weight booths which will tell you, your weight in other planets and moon. Some real cool action for kids.

Then you enter the sky room where the actual show starts. The seats are arranged in circular manner and everyone has to stare at the dome to get the feel of the sky. Good information is provided about sky, their position, eclipse etc. The technology to run the show had changed since the last time I went. I huge machine (sky projector) was now replaced with mini projectors, controlled well by the staff.

Nehru Planetarium

Astronomy Love

The old projector is also kept near the exit for all to see. Apart from this there are many pictures which provide more information in Nehru Planetarium. My kids enjoyed the trip however they are too young to understand everything. I promised them to take them back once they are big enough to understand and grasp the information.

If you have interest in astronomy this is one time visit place and one of its kind in India.

Nehru Planetarium
The old projector- this huge machine used to create magic
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