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hons ranch

So when you have a weekend trip plan with your office colleagues the excitement for the trip in on another level. I was fortunate to get all approvals for the trip (from my family folks you know) and waited for the day to arrive. A weekend to be spent in arms of nature with fun.

Hons Ranch
From the Pool the entrance to the Villa


The planned place was a farm house or cottage (weekend home) usually given on rent for a big group. At a time, you and your group rule the place. This place is in Kolad 113 Km form Mumbai, the farm house is named as Hons Ranch. You need to take route according to your start point. My suggestion would be trusting your map and keep an eye on the roads searching for the board on the highway, just one small board on the highway.

How to reach

We left Mumbai after office hour and headed to the venue, giving us taste of the traffic, once we reach Pune Highway the roads were amazing. We choose the Pali highway towards Mumbai- Goa Highway/ NH-66 which proved to be drivers delight with well-maintained roads and both side forest, a real treat for eyes. Ensure to get the correct directions from their site or the owner is also helpful.

Type of vacation

Finally, we reached the place and were greeting by a group of dogs who where been shooed away by the care taker. These dogs were familiar with the visitors and always wanted ways to be friends. for the dog lovers this weekend will be perfect. When we entered the bungalow after the dogs were out of our sight, we found an old forest cottage styled with wooden furniture, huge bed, loads of bedding and good space. We instantly picked one only room for girls and the hall for boys which was huge enough.

At night we had music, barbeque and friends to dance along. We had our own food so heating them and barbeque was a delight. The owner gave us clear instruction to have ingredients ready and the care takers will cook the food both for dinner and the breakfast. One thing I liked about the owner was they had clear instructions about the cost giving us no surprises reaching there.

The night well beautifully but the best part was the early mornings, the cock bird wakes us up with its cock-a-doodle-doo and the sight outside was beautiful unlike the city view. Green, foggy and birds voice a perfect way to start your day. The pool was the cutest and apt for relaxation. The caretakers got it cleaned for us to enjoy and also provided an old football; nice of him.

Hons Ranch
The Pool View
Hons Ranch
The nature all around


Overall it is not a luxury stay but in the arms of nature type weekend gateway from city chores. You can enjoy the Kolad area near by trekking and water rafting are other activities from this place. Good to be place during or just after rains.


A peaceful stay and the hygienic bungalow apt for time spent with friends or family. The staff the care taker and his wife are very helpful. The swimming pool cute in its own way.

If you have a big family and need time together this can be an simple yet apt place.


The board for the direction must be big enough as the small board may be missed by the speeding car on the high way. There can be more fun activities inside the property as it is a big place more benches, artificial caves/ stone art or small play area can be created.


Yes, recommended if you have at least a group of 8 people. Can also be enjoyed along with kids and elderly people.

Had a trip with office colleagues in January month when the trees are not so green, but the cottage lies in the middle of the forest and uphill giving us beautiful feel of trees, and forest. The early morning started crocks and birds, with splendid view of foggy forest. We completely enjoyed the pool just perfect to relax and enjoy weekend with friends.

The staff was very friendly and ready to help with whatever they can provide us. The house is aptly decorated like old forest house. I wish to visit this place during or after rainy season as this will be perfect timing for waterfalls and green forest. I have heard that trekking is also an activity which can be done if you have good time. Since we reached late at night and checked out at noon, I wish to have more time. In any case the barbecue, pool, the nature and friends made our trip memorable.

Hons Ranch weekend
Backyard photo session

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