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Though I am not any fashion expert I enjoy shopping clothes, especially if I will be travelling in near future. Recently I had a tour with family and friends to Meghalaya and this triggered the shopping.

As we all know while we are travelling and seeing new place one needs to be very comfortable and apt as per the place of visit, I will share some of my outfits which I found apt for the place, environment and very comfortable to travel in. I had 7 days tour to the magnificent state of our country. More on my Meghalaya you will find in my blog dedicated on it.


I had taken 3 pair of foot ware helping me pair as per the outfit and ensured easy to walk throughout the trip.



Day One-

As we began our tour to go to Guwahati via airplane I chose to be comfortable and ready for 3 hour flight and the rest of the day.

I has a simple ripped jeans and attached shrug T shirt. This gave me freedom from adjusting the shrug time on time and just enjoy the moment. My ripped jeans just added and extra style to the simple top I had.


Day Two

Second day we were to travel via car from one city to another, so I was to spend majority of the day in the car.

A crop top and pants were to my rescue. The loose crop top let me breath, the pants were well fitted it was stretchable hence making it comfortable throughout the day.

All set for day two
Beautiful Umiam Lake and me enjoying



Day Three-

Third day included caves, waterfalls and a bit of trekking which required to have loose clothing yet comfortable.

For this day I choose to wear a grey T-shirt matched with black self-design tapper cotton pajama. Super easy to climb and move around. The T shirt had long neck which might me issue while travelling, hence I used a smart product easy cami to hide the cleavage as required to.



You and I and the waterfall



Day Four

As we reached Cherrapunjee the whether the surrounding inspired me to dress closer to nature.

With this thought I found a plain olive green T-shirt with sleeves have shoe lace pattern and flower print stretchable cotton pants inside my suitcase making me super excited for the day ahead as this attire let me camouflage with the beautiful surrounding we were in.


Day Five-

This day was relaxed, though we had to travel in car most of the day the sightseeing did not include much of hard work. Boating at Dawki River, experience the living root-bridge and village tour etc., calmer and beautiful.

I had been to Zara store where I found this pair of stretchable grey color jeans which had spots of cream color on it giving it effect of paint on the pants. I found the concept interesting but not sure if it would really look good on me and which color shirt to pair it with. I could find a girl wearing same pant with black looking it elegant just opposite to what I thought it would look. I immediately picked a grey cold shoulder top and this pant to trail room finding it very comfortable and elegant at the same time. This is how I bought this outfit I wore on day 5 of our tour.

The beautiful Waterfall…





Day Six-

We were in Shilong a bit of cold breeze around. Still a pleasant whether in the afternoon to wear sleeveless outfit.

I missed my jeans too so this gave me opportunity to pair my ankle length jeans with sleeveless crop top. I wore a blue color camisole inside the crop top to give it a two shade look and hide my tummy too. I had my warm jacket with me to help me in the areas of cold breeze.


Day Seven-

Got used to sleeveless LoL. This day we were travelling back to Guwahati from Shilong. Guwahati has hot whether hence to cope us with sunny day I choose an apt outfit.

A Grey with black self-design straight fit pajama and black beaded sleeveless top. I teamed it with my colorful flip flop floaters it gave me comfy trip back and roam around the city.



Day Eight-

This was the last day for us, last day of our long and fun-filled vacation. We had zoo in the itinerary and fly back to Mumbai- home.

I got greyish black plain tunic and paired with knee length flower print shrug. The sport shoes matched the attire helping me walk the Assam State Zoo with ease.


Foot wear-

Mentioned earlier had 3 pairs of very comfortable footwear. 2 pair of shoes and one flip flop floaters.



I enjoyed my trip to Meghalaya my company made it alive, my daughter kept us entertained and the beauty of nature gave me the much required refreshment.




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