Life without network

For a family vacation we were in a hill station in India named Cherrapunjee. My family and my bestie’s family were out on this trip and we had managed our stay in a resort away from the main city. The moment we reached the city we all realized that our mobile networks were down. Since we were climbing the hill the networks were not strong enough, and our major worry was how we inform our family that we are fine.

Swag se starting the day

Soon we found ourselves settled in our respective rooms and curious to see around, since it was dark we choose to talk to the manager. We then came to know there is no landline or network in the area. Even in the city the network is a bit low but available. It was also told to us our next stay to a village Mawlynnong, will also have no network and to top it, no Television as well as the resort was relatively new in a village and in the middle of a forest. We found it funny and then started to wonder how are we going to survive, we also started to worry about work calls and emails but more over we will not be able to use any social media.

First few hours made us restless and forced us move out of the room, make more communication with our kid and explore nearby area. The next day in the morning we had nothing to do but to see the beautiful sky, mountains, clouds surrounding us, greenery of the place and feel the beautiful cold breeze. We paid attention to the clouds surrounding us and passing us. Few hour passed and we stopped missing our phones or social media, it was pleasant to not to worry about work at all and play with our kid. Both families mingled more and explored or observed more of the surrounding. Our hands no more searched for the phones, and the beauty of the nature was so mesmerizing that we clicked pictures only after our eyes were satisfied, with the vision in front of us.

Free and it feels lite

It was then when I realized we have become slave of our smart phones, it is not difficult to leave the phones and enjoy the present. I got the time to think of our daily routine, whenever I get a little time, my hands automatically pick my smart phone, give fingerprint to unlock and start opening all social networking sites. In case any office related work needs to be seen my fingers works with double speed. While travelling, at home, out in a park with family, at work, each time my mobile phone is my loyal companion, my phone also accompany me in the loo now days. When at home I and my husband needs few minutes separately to see and view the day long social media happenings and hence our kids slips out of the priority list. If they try to get attention they witness our anger for not letting us enjoy the social media attention or post their own pictures or updates. Social media is so important to us that the family takes back seat in our brains and we tend to be irritated if family tries to take place of the phone.

Even if we are travelling more than seeing the place it becomes necessary to click pictures to post of these sites. But what we miss to understand is our eyes and brain are the best way to keep the memory safe, the time we spend there is more important the people are more important. Irony is that in social media picture or videos are been shared which send the same message. It took hardly few years for the social media to become the priority in people’s life while it takes years and years together to maintain and nurture the relation we have.

Meditating on the lap of the clouds

The three days without phone or Television made me release that after first few award hours I did not miss these things at all, in fact I felt free closer to more important things in life the excitement to explore new places and attention to each detail continued throughout the trip irrespective of availability of the network. My kid was super happy that she got complete attention and that made her more curious to discover more in the surrounding. I understood most important lesson of my life that people needs to be given attention than the machines around us.

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Throughout my trip I took pictures not to upload to any social media but to create memories of our trip with the most important people around me.

In the arms of my love
Cant get my eyes off you
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