Bhandardara- Holiday Resort Village

Usually when I am travelling I find that there is less time for me to cover everything and few spots will be missed. But then I say to myself what is in front is beautiful and worth every time spent, it is important to cherish the moment here than to rush in search of more. On one such rainy season expenditure along with my office friends was to a holiday resort village called Bhandardara. If one go to google and try to search places to see/ activities to do in and near Bhandardara then the count is huge to be covered in a day trip. So we listed possible spots and went ahead with enthusiasm and high spirit.

the beautiful mother nature

The cloud, the greens and me the creatures of mother Nature

On the way and beautiful mountains
Green fields

On the way greenery


Maharashtra is crowned with ghats adding to the beauty of the state. During rainy season Bhandardara turns to be abundant with natural environment, waterfalls, mountains hence is also known as a holiday resort village. It is near Igatpuri, situated in the western ghats of India. the village is located in the Ahmednagar district of the state of Maharashtra where Pravara River flows across. In this area tourist are attracted to the greenery, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and dam.

How to Reach Bhandardara

The best way to reach Bhandardara is via road, one has to pass the ghats and the mountains and rainy season gives reason to peck head out of the window and droll with beauty of nature. Hence travelling in the night can be difficult as the narrow ghat roads can cause dangerous twist and turns, while most of the ghat area is one way.

From Mumbai, Bhandardara is around 185 km far and 191 km away from Pune. Nearest Airport is in Mumbai and Closest railways is Igatpuri. Choose how you would like to travel. Enjoy the perfect drive way.

Type of Vacation

Can be enjoyed both with friends and family, if you enjoy trekking fitness may be required as accordingly. This can be a good gateway type vacation from hectic life and re-bond with friends or family.


It is not correct to review a place with natures abundance. While I believe due to mountains and high altitude the weather would be pleasant throughout the year but the best time to enjoy the falls and dam is rainy season- June to September. The waterfalls are at its fastest flow and blanket of greenery all over is spectacular. From Nov to April loads of camping activity and trekking is been conducted

Places we visited were

  • Arthur Lake: – We didn’t do for the boat ride but choose to enjoy the view and water
  • Wilson Dam: – A huge damn, the water flow was less as the rains had stopped since few days so the real magic we could not witness
  • Umbrella Fall and necklace fall: – A little can be done and witness the falls more closely we chose to grasp from distance and we were happy with the site
  • Nani Fall: – We enjoyed the falls closely and the cold stream of water was exactly we wanted. Had nice hot onion bhajiya to add to the fun
  • Randha Falls:- peak time of rainy weather is the right time see the magic of multiple falls around
  • Amriteshwar temple:- Beautiful Architecture. The shivlinga submerges in water during rains
  • Reverse waterfall near Sandhan valley:- we saw this from distance as hiking would take more time. With limited time we had to miss witness the rare beauty where the falls get reverse due to force of air.

Other places we missed but worth going Mount Kalsubai, Sandhan Vally, Reverse water falls


Randha Fall at its best
Temple view

The area near Randha falls. The temple can be visited only after rainy season unless you travel to the opposite site. after heavy rainfall the temple gets further sumerged
lake view

The Aurther lake view. Must spend some time to enjoy the place.

Randha falls

The mesmerising view near Randha falls
Amriteshwar temple entrance
Amriteshwar temple from back side. the rains did its magic on the walls
water fall
Nanhi or Nani falls. after heavy rain the fall gets bigger


I found the place clean and beautiful, the water was clear which added to the beauty of the place. There are limited resorts but they are situated such that the lake view mesmerize everyone who stays there. I will surely like to try them soon. Also on my wish list is the camping near the lake which sounds exciting and clear sky will give it a plus.


The nature shows its power and beauty at the same time in this place, I have liked most of the places we visited but what I missed are the sign boards. We get human guides easily but sign boards would have been added advantage.

There is nothing to dislike about.

The walls of Amriteshwar temple


If you have plans to spend a night then which is a recommendation, there are many good resorts. T

hey are nearby many face the hill view or the lake.

During Rainy season, for water fall and greenery Bhandadhara must be visited, I now have plans to go for camping during winters or summers as I can imagine the beauty of the sky during the night

If Rainy season is your favorite to visit – Refreshing Rains

lake view
About to rain but the Arthur Lake view
Lake view
Aurther lake enjoyment
Randa Falls, The force and the falling water in full force.



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