8 must see waterfalls of Meghalaya

Some of the most breathtaking waterfalls my own land has- truly Mesmerizing Meghalaya. I can write pages on the beauty of each and every fall I could witness in Meghalaya. Although I missed few other waterfalls and there is abundance in the tiny state of India. Each fall had its own history and the attractiveness, that a picture just cannot do justice to the real fall.


We reached there 2 weeks before the rains hence many of the falls were not at their best our bad luck in whatever form we visited them they made us mesmerised.

If you want to read more on Meghalya Mesmerising Meghalya

I have also included 2 lakes along as they are equally breathtaking.


1. Nohsngithang falls also known as seven sisters’ waterfalls

Seven sisters in a row

2. Ka Khoh Ramhah a 60ft giant rock

Ka Khoh Ramhah- Giant rock

3. Kynrem falls a beautiful distant view as well a bridge built bringing us closure to the falls

This is the distant view of Kynrem falls
Kynrem falls- one of the Seven Sisters

4. Noh-Kalikai Falls the tallest plunge type waterfalls

Closeup of Noh-Kalikai Falls
The complete view of the Fall. The History of this fall is very interesting

5. BOP hill fall

The BOP hill, during the rainy season the water reaches the bridge blocking the road
The fall flows ahead towards Bangladesh

6. Elephant fall


The Elephant Fall, it has three layers while the picture has the last one.

7. Umiam Lake

The greenery and the mountains surrounding the lake
Me posing with the lake

8. Ward’s Lake

Navya enjoying the view
The famous Ward’s lake



Hope you enjoyed the picture library of falls iN Meghalaya

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