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Nehru Planetarium- Under the Sky in Mumbai

Nehru Planetarium

There is growing knowledge about the world beyond the sky, however the sky still have many unfold mysteries. Nehru Planetarium is a place to explore and learn.

A weekend spent in fun – Hons Ranch

hons ranch

A weekend to be spent in arms of nature with fun. Hons Ranch is small but ideal farmhouse t send life with friends or family away from city hassle.

Ram Chandra Series – A tale of ancient India

Both Series

Ancient India had many accomplishments which are not being cherished and celebrated currently. We are not aware of many incidences and achievements in ancient India. Apart from the achievement India also has books and write-ups which teach the right way towards life. The new age kids are not so interested Read more…

7 Things to to take care when street shopping and Colaba Causeway experience

If you are a fan of Street shopping just like me then, Mumbai has many such places to offer. One such place I recently enjoyed and shopped like crazy was- Colaba Causeway. Some basic points you must take care while street shopping are as below. Ensure to be vigilant and Read more…

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