Thanking for this life

Thanking for this life

I had a superb childhood, while my parents ensured I get my necessities they also knew exactly what and when to be provided to me. My growing years have been with family, friends and loads of fun. I was not allowed for night outs buts friends were very much welcomed at the house; till college movie with friends was a BIG no while we had family movie times; whatever cooked has to be eaten by all, no special treatment to anyone.

So mom has set few rules to be followed which were not be bent even for one instance, it used to make me upset and only one dialogue will be heard “ you will know I am doing right when you have kids”. Despite rules, there was space to enjoy to grow with confidence and so much love. There was no differentiation between me and my brother which is common in Indian families where boys are favored. Parents ensured to give me a grand wedding and my husband has done no less to spoil me to the fullest. With little ups and down everything was and is so pleasant. Touch wood!!

Thanking for this life

Thinking and thanking for the beautiful life gifted by my lord I was driving home with a smile on my face. At traffic signal I indulged in a soothing song perfect for the thoughts going around me, someone knocked on the door. A little girl dressed in a torn and muddy frock with pretty flowers stitched which was also lost its original color was smiling at me. She had a round face and very shabby hair not been combed for days, her face had dirt and teeth equally uncleaned.

But her smile broadens my smile as well, she showed her hands and pointed at something which she wanted. I didn’t understand at first so lowered my window and gave her a chocolate I had, she took it but kept pointing holding the window not letting me close. And I found she wanted a small puppet hanged on my rear mirror which had bright and beautiful colors.

Thanking for this life
This colorful Puppet

My daughter like it very much and hence I kept it in the car as the colors resemble her bright presence in my life. The traffic lights turned green and I said “sorry I can’t give you this” also asked to leave my window closing it on her face, she kept asking me and then suddenly with a grin just left the place. From that day the puppet does not remind me of my daughter it reminds of that little girl who is not privileged to have a toy of her choice.

I keep thinking of the privileges I been given and is able to provide the same to my kids, although I am not a regular or very strict follower of any gods we believe in India, I always remember to thank the power; an almighty who gave me this life and ensured it is filled with love, care, happiness and beautiful people.

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