Refreshing Rains- Magic by Mother Nature


Rains are beautiful, it refreshes the Mother Nature and give us the sight to wonder. Generally we wait for rains after long hot summer, to give us reason to smile, get mesmerized and relief from hot humid weather. When the rain drop clears the polluted sky, dirt filled leaves on trees and wet the mud or the roads it feels as if the Mother Nature just had a shower and came to us with fresh new look.

Washed out roads and the view

Rains and the mountains

While the sky prepares for the rains the beautiful clouds shows us their dance with designs on the sky. As a child I loved to look at these designs of the clouds and try to figure out a cartoon or cars or just a face on them.  And most of the time I would really find a figure and watch it till it gets diminished, I still enjoy looking at the sky with same curiosity. Every day a new look on the sky makes me feel calm and thankful for the wonderful life my lord has granted me.

With just one heavy rain the dry mountains starts turning green and the waterfall in its natural form. A drive to these mountains will give a chance to enjoy many small and huge waterfall. If you live mountains do plan trekking and explore hidden falls.

Waterfall at its best- pretty one in Bhandardara

Last year during monsoon I had been to – Holiday resort village- Bhandardara

Some pictures of sky and the rains

The sun set is the prettiest with sky painted with many colors and gives the feeling of being in a beautiful world. As if God himself sat down to make our world look amazing and mesmerize us filled with colors. Hence moving out of house and see the mountains, sky, landscapes, trees during monsoon is a mandate. Near Mumbai there are many spots which complement the season. Greenery and the cold breeze gives a relaxed feeling especially after the hot sunny, humid summers. One of the main and fun way to enjoy is to go out on a drive during the seasons. Long drives are attractive and beautiful view while travelling refreshes you from within.

Happy Rains. Lord Ganesh enjoying the rains
And clouds gives the signal of rain
And the beautiful Rainbow. Camera just could not do the justice.

Mother Nature

Every inch and corner of the Mother Nature welcomes these clouds, rains and the cold breeze. In a naturally dusty city the rains makes the vision clearer, making us enjoy the view more and more. It’s lovely to get drenched in the rains go on top of a mountain along with the clouds and see how a simple change in weather can make a huge difference. The rainbow seen clearly and evident during this weather. It mesmerized me since my childhood so much that I would just rush to get one glimpse of it.


We can have many reasons to hate the climate, from water logging to muddy paths but the season gives us water. This is a weather not hot nor very cold just perfect to enjoy and love. I would surely like to ignore the disadvantages due to rains an admire the beauty and feel of the season.


The sky is pretty in all season- check out my love to stare at the sky and admire the beautiful clouds- When God Sit Down to Paint


mother nature
Cant stop wont stop- admiring the mother nature
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