Nature at its best- When God sit down to paint

Nature at its best

It is said God created everything; us, the land, sky, other creatures, everything. This is what is called as nature- beautiful and pure. We all are the part of Nature and we evolve with every new life on earth. Humans in the race of developing or evolving often forget to admire the beauty of the surrounding, beauty of each creature around us. So, to witness this we try to go for weekend gateways in so called natures lap, but we forget we are also part of the nature.

colorful clouds
Colorful clouds, a painting by the our mother nature Photo credit to my friend
The Morning Sun

I have always admired the beauty of the clouds. They enhance the look of the sky, give it detailing and becomes inspiration for an artist.

I stare the sky where ever I go, India or any other country I step on to and enjoy capturing them for life in my camera. Mobile phone and camera now days are handy but be assured will not do justice to what your eyes see and feel. Dark blue sky with spotless white clouds painted in different designs and sculptures too, strong rays of sun passing by a bunch of clouds will blow your mind away. When we try to protect and love mother earth, the sky is also part of the same Mother Nature. So important is to protect our sky, its beauty and purity.

Almighty Nature- My favorite memory

One of my best memory of nature was from Boracay Islands, Philippines; was walking just around sunset along the beach, to find a boat sailing on water of different shades of blue just when the sun is on its way down, the sky with white painted clouds and orange sky, the breeze was perfect for a walk along the cold sand. I could not take a step more, the breathtaking view was what my eyes and brain wanted to capture forever, and I didn’t want to go back either, I could sit on the sand watching the view longer. This was only for few minutes when in front of my eyes the whole scene changed, and it was dark. The very little moment I had will there fresh always in my mind and memories.

ocean and clouds
The combination of a blue green ocean and white creative clouds is perfect view to the eyes
How can I stop staring what I see ahead

Almighty Nature- The Sky during rains

Rains are one such occasion when the clouds give us a reason to get mesmerized. The color, the climate and the large amount of clouds are perfect for a magical show. Sun peeping out of the cloud or just huge clouds scattered all over the sky. The rains ensure the atmosphere is clean and hence give us a cleaner view.

Some days rains fill up the sky with clouds hiding mountains or a tall building as well. While some day they show us lighting and thunder which can be scary but beautiful in its own way.

The greenery and clean view is picture perfect.

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The colorful clouds with the green land. On the way to Bhandardhara.
When clouds are beautiful during rainy season

There have been many instances in my life where I could witness the artist in our God who paint the sky with colors and love. Each experience was wonderful in itself, they reminded me the how huge and not reachable is the magic of mother nature. We all need to be cautious of nature and respect what it gives to us.

the beautiful mother nature
The cloud the greens and me the creatures of Mother Nature
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