Rains, Bikes and Umbrellas


After a long wait, everyone around is happy as rainy season is back. We are getting relief from long hot summers and water shortage finally. As I drive in this rainy weather to my office, I love to enjoy the beautiful clouds, the clean trees, and water falls on mountains that rains bring along. During this season colorful umbrellas, boots, raincoats are common sight. All the vehicles- bus, car, bikes looks brand-new as they have been washed by rains.

Beautiful clouds and greenary

The above picture is from Bhandardara Trip

In India one will find number of activities around apart from mesmerizing nature.

Yes there are watery, slippery roads; water logging most of the places and muddy footpaths making it difficult for the pedestrians. I have also seen amblers walking so fast that they miss realizing their slippers are enjoying the muddy lanes and splashing mud on their pants or dresses. As we have always heard and known every coin has two sides, so if the rains are making the nature look gorgeous it is also making the roads difficult to walk, if the sight of the waterfalls are breathtaking, water logging is discomfort and cause of more and more traffic.

The roads get risky to drive or to ride a bike on a heavy pouring day. It has become a habit for me to observe people especially during the traffic or waiting for the signals to turn green.

The most dangerous I find is to ride a bike especially on a slippery road.

While cars, trucks and buses are halt in a traffic or due to signal these bikes and scooters hum around and try to escape to the narrow gaps. It is sometimes very difficult to drive ahead as they are all over place others need to maintain a safe distance to refrain from touching or pushing these bikes. The two-wheeler have higher risk of skidding and hence very much accident-prone. Also, the rider finds it difficult to view ahead in heavy rains. Although they ensure to cover themselves with pant and jacket raincoat, the helmet do not have wipers to clean the view ahead, if no helmets then it looks like a suicide mission.

Taking newpaths
Getting through the narrow path

Rainproof Biking and Umbrella

Few days back while I was busy getting irritated due to rains and traffic I found a couple riding a bike. As it suddenly started pouring the lady behind opened up her umbrella and getting close to the rider she protected herself along with the rider with the umbrella. So that was her way escape the rains but using umbrella while riding the bike and that to for riding as well is not safe at all. I did prefer halting near a shade like bus stop or a building rather than using umbrella. Rains usually comes with thunder and storm as well umbrella on a motor bike is risky for the riders as well as others due to distraction (umbrella can fly or get destroyed). Why do people risk their and others life this way.

I also enjoy bike rides but with safety, be it any vehicle safety must be priority for every traveler.

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Some more risky ride pictures below.


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