A Note on A tissue- Trip to Memory Lane

The Childhood Memory

I found a piece of tissue paper and wrote ‘Good Morning’ note trying to make it look like calligraphy. Kept it on my desk at work, everyday first thing which my eyes found is this little note. It just makes me smile on a this silly thought there but never thought to throw it off. Today the paper flew down and picking it up I went to memory lane.  

Since childhood, I enjoyed writing with my pen in different fonts. Writing anything, a thought, a saying or maybe just a song with a regular pen not the calligraphy pens or pencils.

My memory went through the time spent writing anything and then filling the bold part of the alphabet. While in school I used to create cards this way and give to my friends on their b’day, just to say thanks or maybe just like that.

 creating memories


I discovered that writing on a tissue paper was more fun. One has to be careful not to tear it and the outcome looked pretty. I started searching for more font. Those days Google was very new. Searching new fonts using google was a delight as if whole world is open to be explored by you. But with time this liking got lost somewhere in the universe and could not practice or learn calligraphy any further. 

Few days back, was chatting with a friend. She showed me pictures of all the cards I gave her. She even remembered tissue papers I used to write on. Our conversation made me realise her liking towards the way they were written given to her especially after a fight. I was shocked that she remembered them as these had pushed somewhere deep inside my memory. That small talk with her made me feel guilty that I ditched what I have always liked. I could have learnt and expertise on calligraphy by now but choose otherwise. Easily blamed the busy life or so-called more important things in life. 


As we grow, society have huge impact on the choices we make, it always influences the way we think and what we choose to do with life. Calligraphy, it was always a hobby and not a profession I wanted to live with but it was something I would have known and practiced as an art, as a skill. So I am not thinking about only this but all the things which was left for a better tomorrow but somewhere or the other there is a regret not holding them for longer time. 

I would like to teach my kids to hold on with the likes and interests along. But I can only teach them hoping they do not get influenced with surroundings and myths just like me. 


Never Stop Dreaming



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