The Perfect Ignorance

I started blogging in 2007, when internet was booming. Blogspot was easily available to me and hence I created a blog used different plugin to decorate it and started to write anything that came to my mind- anecdotes, poems, stories, or some copy pasted stuff with credits of course. Till 2009 I simply filled my thoughts and experiences in the blog, didn’t bother to market it nor monetize from it. My parents knew I write but it was not a choice of career but hobby, they were as ignorant as me as to where this blog could have taken me if dedication and creativity is applied.

That was when one of my friends asked me to monetize the blog, I was skeptical and didn’t want to risk my account details (how ignorant). In 2009 when my marriage was arranged my husband was impressed and he advertised the blog amongst the relative making me a star there. This definitely encouraged me, but again blogging was just a hobby for me. Whenever I am very happy or sad, blogging would save me and keep me sane unless I got news of my first daughter which change my priority. My main aim was to toggle between office and home which left no time to think of hobby. It happens with many of the adults, we tend to choose other profession which eventually take away the hobby from us. Travelling, photography, DIY’s, watching movies and writing were always my favorite part of life.

Mom and dad enjoyed travelling and this gave me opportunity to travel most of the country, this gave me insight that there is so much to explore within India. This gave me chance to love my beautiful country, enjoy the greenery or roads, get amused by the architecture and history of this ancient and rich culture place. This triggered the traveler in me. In growing ages in most of Indians studies had to be the major direction for a child but my parents gave me small gateways while travelling. My father was very fond of exploring the place and clicking pictures of the view or us. His photography had unique ideas then creating beautiful pictures, those were hard copy days and we simply enjoyed his attention during the photo sessions. I always thing travelling and photography I have inherited from my dad, while like him I didn’t choose to pursue it further or learn more about it.

When I look back today, I feel years went by but my skills of my hobbies have not increased just remained as they were. Hubby dear encouraged me and I created/ transferred a more professional site naming it, for I wanted write what I view or write my views on what I see. As usual me not being dedicated to it got it hacked losing everything on the site.


This is why I call myself ‘the ignorant me’. As time is flying, motherhood is changing a lot of things in me, my way of looking at life, it made me more active. It has also made me realize that my kids are watching me, observing what I say or do. And this feeling has given me a new direction to the sporadically blogging to more frequent, and I hope this will trigger creativity in me, be it photography or DIY. My love towards my life will be poured spreading positivity to the reader as well as to me.

Finally I have created a whole new blog, a whole new perspective towards life just leaving my old irregular feelings (blog site) to constant and dedicated attention.


A dedicated attention to my site to my life!!!

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