Guilty Shopping

I love shopping, no doubt. Whether it is window shopping, going to a mall, street side or even online. Just going through the products available makes me feel awesome. It is a stress buster. It’s great we are in the era where we have different means to buy things and much more variety. A group or a fixed time is no more need to shop. My mom and I are best buddies to shop, go insane in a Mall or shopping area. We do go with our shopping list, but the list can be extended the very moment as well. Online shopping is getting on the head nowadays, it gives crazy discounts and one can get really confused which online service to use. My experience with online so far has been good. I bought clothes cosmetics, footwear, cookware and what not. Download 2-3 shopping app and here you go, compared and toggled for all the things I was shopping. The delivery guy also got friendly with us as he just kept coming to our house to deliver goodies.

My mom used to utilize the WiFi the most she shortlists things for me and shows me in the evening when they are finally ordered. And if some sale or discounts is discovered, we tend to buy more.

I believe every woman’s eyes twinkle with just the name of the sale. Without really understanding the rationale behind the sale but attack it. Recently I have also seen the same reaction from males as well. They enjoy the discount time be it online or physical store.
Sometimes the physical store is more considerable than the online one as you can try and feel the stuff yourself.So the online stores have also enabled easy return policy. And hence the worst part is the wait time for a product ordered and if it is not what you wanted another few days to return and get the replaced one. The trend of online shopping comes with the doorstep delivery of about everything and anything along with COD- cash on delivery, so many varieties to choose from. So if on comparing the two types of shopping we are privileged each will have its own pros and cons.

Be it any type of shopping I always remember buying too many stuff and on return lay them all on the floor of my house and check out what all kinds of stuff I bought. Think of a situation; you are to buy clothes to gift someone, and your eyes are stuck at a dress worn by the mannequin nearby, it seems that this is the dress you wanted forever, what can be done buy it of course. So on return the main discussion constraints about the best the purchasing. Going through the new possessions lying on the floor staring at us with hopes of hugs and broad smile the calculation of the money spent on them and finally, we end thinking why did we spend money on a particular thing or are this a good deal or simply I spent so much for only this 2 stuff. The best one is “Do I really need this?” There develops a guilty shopping situation. We try to console ourselves, “no issues these are useful”; “I can gift it to a friend on her birthday”; this is indeed the best deal we could get, don’t compare the other store/online site.”


One fine day finally decided to reduce shopping and the best thing I did was to uninstall all shopping apps from my phone and reduce rounds to the mall. Necessities are to be bought but I have already collected enough for next 4 months. The courier boy notices and said ‘not many parcels nowadays madam’ errr it irritates me. I am trying to control my shopping spree, and he is teasing me here.
Although my phone is free from these applications, it was and will always be fun to shop in the shopping area or using the app. I know I will empty my phone to make storage space for the apps very soon.



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