God’s angels for kids, we call as Mother!!!

As a kid I heard this many time and completely believed in it. The power of mom’s love was very strong for me. People say I look like my mom and even talk like her. Yes, true because I always wanted to be like her. The way she smiles, dresses, get ready, talks, walks, cooks, do anything and even loved her ideas on everything. I found her the most beautiful lady I have ever seen wanted to be just beautiful. She would listen to me for hours together even if she was bored of my talks, even if she could understand nothing, never ever has she ignored me.


I would pray to God and say Sorry to him. “Sorry that I love my mom more than you” “sorry I am dedicated to her more than you”, Guess God must have smiled at me, after all she was his sent angel, and she was his representative. I believe he must have accept my apologies as he has let my mom be my angel till date.


While growing I was busy in my life and ignored what I believed. Busy with friends, studies and other things made me forget to copy her or cherish her the way I used to, but her support and ears were always there for me. Then I grew up got married and again have different challenges and a new angel (mother in law), I was adjusting and overcoming all personal and professional challenges applying her positive teachings. The thought of my mom been an angel has always been there in my head some deep inside my thoughts. Even after so much chores a happy situation or a big challenge, a new friend or meeting an old buddy was all I used to talk to her. I realized even after so many years she is the first person I want to run to and my mom listen to me with same beautiful expression. We don’t talk for hours now but those 5 minutes conversation is what she looks forward to.


I know even though she is glad/ and thank full that my hubby’s angel takes very good care of me she feels envious that I share the angel love. She never says that, but I can feel it. It’s funny.


The fear I carry now, is that I have been given the role of an angel by my lord. My mom has been a wonderful angel, but will I be able to serve a beautiful purpose of raising kids of my own and they have the same feeling I have for my mom, will my kids cherish me, my love and will I be able to do justice to the new role of my life, a new purpose lord gifted me. I am thankful that this privilege has been granted to me at the same time I remember the famous Spiderman dialogue; “With power comes great responsibilities” here the power is motherhood.


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