Fading sound of Payal- A short love story


It was the month of Feb, slight cold but pleasant. Sumit had traveled from Mumbai to Rishikesh for his cousin Priti’s destination wedding. He was excited about the trip as it was his younger sister getting married and Rishikesh has been on his list to roam around. He was already 30 and all relative had only one question when will you marry? Sumit has still not found someone with whom he connects and felt to be with forever, there was no love story for him to narrate and he was fed up with the questions.


The First Sight

The Sound of Payal

Sumit had to travel a long way to reach the destination. By the time he reached the engagement function was about to start. He was asked to reach directly at the venue where he rushed to a washroom, freshen up and got ready for the ceremony. In the hurry, he came out of the washroom and bumped into someone making both of them twirl. Getting back he tried to figure out with whom he bashed.

His eyes froze as he saw a beautiful girl trying to balance a thali (big plate) on her hand full of flowers. Few flower had flown and were dropping on her like a rain of flowers. The girl was wearing a pink lehenga (long ethnic skirt) with small golden flowers and golden blouse. Tthe dupatta (long scarf) was draped carefully but her thin curvy waist could be seen. Her payal (silver anklets; Indian ethnic jewelry) made a melodious sound while she was doing all effort to save the thali.Sumit quickly came back to conscious and grabbed the thali from one side helping the girl.

A broad smile came on her face and she started to gather flowers from the floor. She kept muttering “uff I am always late, why me always, can’t do one thing properly.” Sumit could do nothing, he could not move a muscle as he was awed by the girl, her pink lipstick was brighter now as she knelt down to pick flowers, and her lips were perfect as she muttered. Finally, he was able to apologize as she got up to which she smiled lovingly and said “my fault I was in a hurry to get this thali to the stage, they are waiting for this. I hope you are not hurt”. Sumit smiled and nodded in denial before he could say a word she ran away satisfied that he was not hurt he could hear the payal sound fading away.

A dreamy Love Story

Sumit could not believe his eyes, he felt as if he saw a dream. There no one in the hallway, he kept blinking and thinking if it really happened or he was dreaming with his eyes open. Her smoky black eyes, neatly tied bun and golden jhumka (earring) were dancing in his mind. His thoughts were interrupted by a large roar of people, exiting the hallway he reached a balcony right from where was the stairs to reach the lawn.

The lawn was decorated beautifully with a small stage to one side where the to be bride and groom were standing with handful of relatives, in front of the stage were the neatly placed chairs wrapped in pink satin cloth and purple big ribbon making a bow behind the chair, in fact, the lawn was decorated with pink and purple themed lights, clothes, flowers and hanging decorations. From the balcony Sumit had one the best view of the lawn, the holy Ganga River flowing next to it and the other end of the river was forest area.

The time was perfect as the sun was spreading its beautiful orange and yellow color to the clouds making them appear an imagination of a painter. The clear ball of sun now can be seen through bare eyes was ready to hide between the forest and the moon was on its way to watch over. There was some magic in the air, the smell of fresh flowers the color of the environment due to sunset and the sound of the river flowing, Sumit spotted that girl arranging the flowers on the stage as he took the stairs to get to the lawn. He eyes were fixed on her face, and he doesn’t remember anything of that moment, it was like a Bollywood movie with an amazing location and a beautiful girl busy in her own world unaware of the hero’s melting heart.

Simple beautiful love
Love was in the air for Sumit

The destination wedding- mom and relatives

“Sumit, Sumit what are you doing?” said a voice realizing he didn’t hear she repeated tapping him on his back “Sumit, what happened to you?” Sumit got back to the real world from his imaginary movie and turned back only to find his mother standing all decked up. She looked very pretty in a yellow silk saree and matching gold jewelry. He knew mom loved gold jewelry that it was expected of her to carry them to this most important wedding.

He smiled and hugged her mom “I am just mesmerized by the view mom”. His mom held his hand started to whisper to him all the things happening around, but his ears could listen to none. As he came down his view to the stage was now limited and it was inappropriate not to touch all the aunties feet waiting to hug him and pull/ kiss his cheek numerous times.

After these rituals, it was his turn to meet the cousins who were excited to meet him. Sumit was loved by his relatives after all a soft-spoken, well-mannered boy like him will be loved and cared for all. Sumit spotted his father near the stage and rushed to meet him. He dug down to touch his and uncle’s feet and as he stood up to greet up he spotted the girl smiling and talking to the groom. It was evident that she is from the groom’s side. Hence this was the right time to meet his sister, the bride to be.

With the hope that Priti will introduce the girl to him he poked her and hugged her with affection. She acknowledges him with a punch on the stomach after that poke. But his hopes were when Priti was more interested that her dear cousin meets the groom instead. His sister narrated Sumit’s part in her love story thanking him for all he did for the couple. Sumit’s eye were fixed as the girl stepped down from the stage sliently cursing Priti.

It was his sister’s wedding too much pressure to take care of the guests and the groom’s side. The following evening was a busy time for him meeting new people, trying to recognize elders whom he met when his age was like 5 years or less.  He was very tired with the event and dancing around the whole place. He was walking towards the washroom when he heard the same payal sound rushing towards him. In no time the girl was standing in front of him. He wondered where she was the whole time as if reading his mind the girl said “hey hi, it’s a busy crazy day and I am always surrounded by people or kids. Hope you are fine sorry for the clash earlier today evening”.


The formal introduction

A reality check

Sumit gathered his thoughts and clearing his throat said “Hi! I know it is pretty crazy, it’s my sister’s wedding I have to be busy you know”. The girl smiled as her left cheek curved into a small dimple.. “I am from the groom’s side and you need to take care of me ha ha ha. I am Kavika and from Bangalore,” said the girl marching her right hand. As elegant as he can look Sumit grabbed her hand and said: “my name is Sumit and from Mumbai. really nice to meet you”. Before he could say anything a bunch of kids rushed towards Kavika and started playfully complaining about each other.

She looked at Sumit and said “see that’s what I am talking about, hectic life. I got to go see you around”. As she turned two men stopped, her smile broaden as one of the kids rushed on the older man hugged and curdling calling out Dadu for Grandpa. The grandpa took the kid in his arms and the others to the lawn leaving the Kavika with another man. She suddenly noticed Sumit standing there.

Grabbing the hand of the man next to her she said “Ashu he is Sumit I told you we bumped in earlier today my 6th dash for the day”. They both laughed and hugging each other sideways, Ashu explained “she is always falling or making things fell. Each day I and our kid count the number of such silly things she does. Of course, I can see improvements. By the way, I am Ashish her Husband” pulled Kavika closer by her curvy waist and a witty smile on his face. Their love and happiness was in their eyes.

Happy family
Photo by Lela Johnson from Pexels


A beautiful Memory

Sumit now was in shock, most of all he could not listen any of the further talks, and the couple excused themselves. His blacked out mind could not hear anything but the sound of the Kavika’s payal fading away. He knew the fond and smallest memory of this one girl has to fade away. This was his short love story.

He felt a tap on the back of his head and this time his mom was furiously saying “why do you always stop here dreaming? I think you must not come here there is some evil spirit controlling whenever you come to this corridor. Come everyone is searching for you after all you are Priti’s darling brother”. Sumit looked at his mom, the real concern, her love and the evil spirit story made him smile. He hugged his mom and said, “Let’s rock my little sister’s wedding mom”.


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