An ice candy a day

We all were laughing over the silly kinds of stuff my brother had done when he was a little boy. My parents and I kept coming up with small and big activities he did which were super funny.

“Time goes away leaving memories for us to remember it. Many time when we are living that moment it’s not a happy space but looking back it gets adjusted in our memories.”

In this busy life it’s not common for 4 of us to be in common room and remembering the past, so this was a very important time we were spending. I love having hard copies of the pictures in this digital world especially because I believe pictures are the purest form of the memories. My father also liked systematically manage the pictures well those were not the digital days, so all the pictures clicked with one roll had to be printed. This day also my brother’s photo album was the target, and we simply loved what was there. Each picture had a story and we had a good discussion over it.


I stopped at a photo which had my brother and his then friends. But one friend was missing maybe he was not there during the photo shoot that very day. That friend of his was not liked by my mom when she was good friends with his mother, the only reason was he taught her son to steal in his own house. Well, the matter was not very serious but it could have grown worse if not stopped at right time.



My parents never gave us Pocket money instead we could ask for things we want to buy, they never asked back the small change- the remaining money. Hence we could keep the change, I usually managed to buy my small requirements and even put the extra amount in my piggy bank. Back to the story, what happened was a simple discussion of my brother and this friend of his regarding an ice-candy, very famous amongst small kids during those days. He was around 6 years old and the friend must be 2 to 3 years elder. The friend used to get pocket money from which he got the ice-candy daily teasing my brother who could buy only on some days. My brother being aggressive little kid used to get agitated making the friend happier. But as the friends are very kind this friend also suggested to get the small coins of money from the house and buy this daily.


When brother reached home he noticed these small coins were kept nicely in a small pot at a little height which he can easily reach. In order not to be teased again tomorrow after a lot of thinking he finally took a coin and kept silently in his bag safely so no one could even notice. He says that whole day he was guilty and thought of keeping the coin back. Finally, he took it with him to school and told his friend he did not get the coin. But the next day he showed the coin, the friend bought the ice-candy for him and he happily ate. The shopkeeper knew our family hence he would not give anything without being assisted hence the friend did the honors. Brother was very quiet at home and seems like lost in his thoughts, on asking he would not say anything and get irritated. This continued for 3-4 more days until my mom caught him red-handed.


Every day he ate the ice-candy and left the drops of it on his white school shirt. Mom noticed it daily but didn’t scold him as she wanted to investigate the matter. She decided to follow him from the school back home and see what he does that’s when she saw him taking a coin from his bag and giving to the friend who then got the ice-candy for the two of them. She managed to reach the gate of our building before he could and stood there. She didn’t want him to scold in front of the friend as it may be an opposite effect. Her little boy was shocked to find mom standing with angry eyes. He understood on his own and hugged mom crying. Reaching home mom started to scold but his shivering body and wet eyes made her fall to her knees and hug the boy back. He then told her everything, even confessing that he didn’t like stealing but then he didn’t like to be teased either. Mom was silent and unable to understand how to deal with this situation.


Mom then praised him for being honest and telling her truth, she also made him release why he was so restless for these days. A big lesson was taught that day when your heart says it’s wrong you must listen to it.



“In life, there is a time when we need to choose between honesty and a wrong path. It’s the inner voice that helps you to choose. Close your eyes and remember what you believe “in honestly or against it”. There will be a time when people will show you a path you have to choose it wisely. If you are honest to self you are honest to everyone who matters.”

In the evening father was told everything. They took their little boy for a ride also gave some examples and he hugged both his parents with moist eyes promising that day never to be dishonest to himself. While he could not understand how mother came to know mom told him “every mom has eyes behind her baby she will know when you go on wrong path” he believed in it for a long time actually me too. Mom could somehow actually catch the majority of our mischiefs and we both started to agree she has eyes on us. Only once we grew big enough and the topic came up mom revealed the truth behind catching us each time.


And yeah she didn’t have eyes on us we only left clues for her to stock us.

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