My 12 Tips during House Hopping

In major cities, people often stay in a rented home they have their own reasons for the same. My reason is straightforward, not having own house, and in my city. The rate of the house just don’t match what we can afford. House hoping is both a trouble and advantage. It depends on our own way of looking at it. In any case house hopping requires planning and arrangements to be efficiently completed.

So after marriage we finalized a rented house which is in between to both husbands and my office. A cozy one bedroom hall was apt for the two of us. Buying daily needs and setting up the house was a task but enjoyable when done together. We enjoyed our little nest and the nearby places, going out late nights and watch movies go shopping, just hang around in the gardens. When we had our first child, there was a need to move to a place closer to my office and my mom. Mum voluntarily agreed to take care of me and also the newborn as I will have to resume office.

That was our first hopping. It was a bit strange as we had bought or arranged all things as per the first place and now in the new place which was bigger and a room to be arranged again. Curtains became the issue, TV stand had to be bought and the beautiful arrangement in the bedroom was now no more as expected. The first movement gave us our lesson that doesn’t buy things as per current requirement, buy or make furniture as a general style statement.

Since the first abode, we have experienced house hopping and each hopping taught us a lesson. I would like to list down my learning and best way I found at all to know. Normally after living for more 6 months in the same house, one tend to get into a comfort zone and enjoy the house, we see all furniture is set and all arrangements are done. But it is essential to realize movement chaos as early as possible.

1- First and foremost it is very important to have a list of good packers and movers. The task after having this list is to check for reviews and prices of all and deciding on one. If your choice of movers and packers is good, this will be a tiring task if shifting for the first time, the same team can be used for times as well

2- Checklist of items that need to be dismantlement and installed with help of labor. This will sort your task of arranging the help/labor on the day of shifting. On our list, these are TV and related electronics, set up box & WiFi shifting notification, water purifier, and gas cylinder transfer many few more like this

3- So once your date is fixed and all important appointments like movers and installation team are done you look around at your current house. Movers and packers usually help in packing the stuff from the pickup house. So things which you would not like them to pack should be identified and packed by yourself. I usually pack clothes of the family and documentation materials by my own. On requesting the movers’ team will drop some cardboard boxes 2-3 days before the date of shifting. I found my suitcases/ travel bags good for clothes or important papers. So rest of the things can be packed in the cardboard box provided. Also, open toiletries and kitchen stuff need to be sealed well before packing them away. Crockeries and delicate items need bubble wrap for safety


4- I have learned the hard way to properly label the boxes. So what I did the last time was quite effective for me. Segregated the stuff as per the family members, so like for me my clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry can be stuffed in 2-3 bags. Once things are stuffed, I labeled the box with my name and one word for what it contains like Neha- clothes, Neha- shoes, etc., similarly for other members as well. This helps a lot while unboxing. Along with this numbering of all the boxes is also important to keep a tab on a number of boxes


5- One of the tasks is to coordinate with everyone. The labor team, dismantlement and installation team, maids and new house society/ security etc. My husband is constantly on the phone during our shifting for a smooth transition. Even one person delay delays a lot of things

6- What had been useful is to start early in the morning, this way you get more time to transfer your belonging and in case anything needed can be rushed ASAP. Also, do not shift on public holidays or weekly off for shops around’, we have faced much time to install or arranging carpenter stuffs hardware shops are very handy. Shifting on Fridays was very useful so that Saturday and Sunday can be used for arranging stuff

7- Never buy furniture as per your current home if you are nomads like us. Have basic furniture which can mostly suit all home types. Many house owners do not allow drilling on walls so keep this in mind while buying decorative things for the house. I wrap my wall hangings in case no screw on the wall and keep them safe. If the hangings are lightweight M-seal or similar stuff can be used to stick it temporarily

8- While dismantling furniture ensure to use small plastic bags to keep the nails and smaller part, label them well for you to identify at the time of installing them back. I found taking pictures of electronic wires arrangement very useful. I tend to forget the setting and a lot of time is wasted in finding the correct connections. Again taking care of these wires in a separate bag and labeling the same is very important

9- Before installing anything ensure a blueprint of the décor you wish to have in the new house. Take pictures of the empty clean residence for better planning. This will let you know exactly where this needs to be placed without any confusion and also in your absence, believe me, there are already too many possessions to be done when you move to a new house

10- I take this a good time to clear stuff I have never used or may not use in future, like clothes, bottles, bed sheets, toys, etc. You can either choose to do this scrutiny during packing in an old house or after shifting depending on the time and comfort level. I scrap kitchen stuff after shifting while the clothes and toys are scrapped during packing itself

11- Being a working woman, I found it important to arrange things in a day or two else it gets piled up for days to come. So I try my best to manage to put all thing in place from living room to kitchen to bedrooms and even the bathroom. Arranging and decorating as per new place will be easier if I do my point 8 well.

12- Along with all the points I also ensure to keep some food items handy, as while shifting you might not get time to go to eat out or order as you are in the middle of nowhere. Some handy food will help to fill tummy temporary on the go or while being busy with some activity. This also reminds me to have some essentials like toiletries, an extra pair of clothes, stationaries in a handy bag to ensure to reach out to the urgent requirements on time without searching for all the boxes and go out of your planned movement


You will learn a lot of experience but little precautions help. Most of the time you and your moving partner are involved in heavy exertion both mentally and physically. Ensure to take care of your back, knees and small wounds/ cuts during the whole procedure.


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