Thanking for this life

Thanking for this life

I had a superb childhood, while my parents ensured I get my necessities they also knew exactly what and when to be provided to me. My growing years have been with family, friends and loads of fun. I was not allowed for night outs buts friends were very much welcomed Read more…

Nehru Planetarium- Under the Sky in Mumbai

Nehru Planetarium

There is growing knowledge about the world beyond the sky, however the sky still have many unfold mysteries. Nehru Planetarium is a place to explore and learn.

A weekend spent in fun – Hons Ranch

hons ranch

A weekend to be spent in arms of nature with fun. Hons Ranch is small but ideal farmhouse t send life with friends or family away from city hassle.

Rains, Bikes and Umbrellas


After a long wait, everyone around is happy as rainy season is back. We are getting relief from long hot summers and water shortage finally. As I drive in this rainy weather to my office, I love to enjoy the beautiful clouds, the clean trees, and water falls on mountains Read more…

Sacred Forest

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Shillong is a famous tourist destination for white dreamy clouds around the hills and super curvy roads. For the people from sun-baked states even the summer in this hill station is a blessing as it represents the winter season with windy cloudy weather throughout the year. Along with the natural Read more…

Nature at its best- When God sit down to paint

Nature at its best

Clear sky can be good but the painting by the almighty is even better. I love clouds and the creativity that it unfolds

Bhandardara- Holiday Resort Village

Usually when I am travelling I find that there is less time for me to cover everything and few spots will be missed. But then I say to myself what is in front is beautiful and worth every time spent, it is important to cherish the moment here than to Read more…

Refreshing Rains- Magic by Mother Nature


Rains are beautiful, it refreshes the Mother Nature and give us the sight to wonder. Generally we wait for rains after long hot summer, to give us reason to smile, get mesmerized and relief from hot humid weather. When the rain drop clears the polluted sky, dirt filled leaves on Read more…

Dar lagta hai- A small poem

Message picture do not belong to me

Dar lagta hai is a poem and my first ever, written last year on my parents anniversary. It’s their anniversary today and I am super thrilled to celebrate 35 years of togetherness…   I can never imagine I can write a poem, ┬ábut love can make you do anything so Read more…

Ram Chandra Series – A tale of ancient India

Both Series

Ancient India had many accomplishments which are not being cherished and celebrated currently. We are not aware of many incidences and achievements in ancient India. Apart from the achievement India also has books and write-ups which teach the right way towards life. The new age kids are not so interested Read more…

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